Are You Ready To Be a Responsible Dog Owner?

There is so much more to being a responsible dog owner than just providing food and shelter. A dog has many needs that must be fulfilled by the owner so that the dog can be safe and healthy.

An unhealthy dog can not only face a sad, difficult life; but an unhealthy dog can bring about an unhealthy situation for the dog’s human family members.

What Needs Will Your Dog Have

Every dog has basic needs such as food, water and shelter. They also have needs that are required in order to be healthy such as proper vet care, immunizations, proper diet for age and any medical needs, companionship, and exercise.

Every breed of dog will vary on how much exercise, and the amount of socialization they normally require. The size of the dog may also have an impact on not only how much living space and outdoor space they require but also on the amount of food that is required to feed a large dog.

Some dogs have safety needs such as protection when they are of a smaller breed. Dogs also need training to learn how to be a good member of your family this might include personal training or professional dog training, and socialization at a young age so they don’t become fearful, aggressive or destructive.

Think Carefully About the Breed of Dog You Will Get

The time to learn what it takes to be a responsible dog owner is BEFORE you decide to get a dog. Think carefully about the breed of dog you will get and all the needs of that type of dog not only during the puppy days but also as an adult dog as well.

Make sure that you as an owner can handle all of the financial, vet and basic needs of the pet and then consider if you will have the time to give your dog training and companionship on a regular basis.

Your Responsibilities

You have a responsibility not only to your dog, but also to your family, neighbors and community. A dog owner has the responsibility to be in control of the dog at all times inside the home, in the yard, and when out walking the dog.

Vaccinations not only keep the dog healthy but also protect the public. Dogs should be checked by a vet on regular basis against parasites that cannot only infest the dog, but some can even be transmitted to the humans they come into contact with too.

Owners are required by law in some states of the U.S., to contain their dogs at all times when outside by having a fenced yard or by having the dog on a leash. This not only protects the public from the dog, but also protects the dog from traffic.