Your Dog Responds to Positive Reinforcement

The secret to training any dog to become one that you can live with in peace and who will become your dog companion is to give your dog positive reinforcement.

There are many ways to reward your dog with positive rewards such as giving your dog more play time with you, giving the dog treats, giving the dog extra verbal praise, and giving your dog chew toys.

Rewarding Your Dog

There are many ways to reward your dog with playtime. Most dogs crave time with their owners.

They strive to please their human master and playtime is an opportunity for you to teach your dog how to respond to your voice such as when you play catch or to receive praise such as when you play tug-o-war and you praise the dog for appropriate behavior with the rope.

Playtime increases the bond between dog and owner. Try rewarding your dog’s good behavior with more time with you and just watch your dog’s good behavior soar!

Dogs Love Treats

I never met a dog that wouldn’t do anything to please the master who rewarded good behavior with a tasty bite of leftover steak, or a piece of hotdog. Give your dog a piece of raw carrot, or a rawhide to chew on.

When training your dog, keep treats in your pocket. These can be small pieces of food or small dog bones. Every time your dog responds appropriately to a command reward with a small tasty treat.

Dogs love all kinds of healthy human food like leftover meat, cheese, and eggs, even vegetables. Let your mind expand around the many tasty treats you can use to reward your dog.


A dog seeks to please his human master because that is a main motivator for a dog. They are pack animals and the human owner is or should be the head “dog”.

When the human owner firmly corrects verbally, the dog is hurt, not physically but emotionally. When the dog is praised verbally the dog will want to repeat the behavior that won him that praise.

Need to Chew

Your dog has an innate need to chew. When selecting toys for your dog to use as positive training aids think about the toys that will exercise the dog’s need to chew. Check with your vet for chew toys that may pose health issues such as which bones are better.

When you give your dog a chew toy you are showing the dog that you understand the need for chewing and for playing. A positive reinforcement such as a chew toy rewards the dog with something that is fun and healthy.

Your dog will respond to many positive reinforcement tools such as play time with you, dog treats, giving the dog extra verbal praise, or giving your dog chew toys quicker than responding to verbal reprimands.