How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Healthy

Canine safety is not a glamorous topic and does not receive a lot of accolades. Sure, you know not to let your dog out of your yard or play on the highway, but are you also aware of the hidden dangers that put your pooch’s health and wellbeing in jeopardy?

Those who might not have thought about the nitty gritty of canine safety are not alone and to ensure that you will have many more years of your beloved dog’s companionship.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Do Not Play Catch With a Foreign Object

Sure, who has not picked up a stick and tossed it – much to the delight of the animal – but in so doing, who has not jeopardized the dog’s muzzle?

Some pieces of wood may actually have been used as part of a building project only to later on be discarded with nails sticking out of them.

While others may feel okay to your hand but when caught in midair by your dog from the other end will actually deposit several sharp splinters into its tongue, cheeks, and also general mouth area.

Beware of Vermin

If you are trying to do away with the vermin in your area you might be spreading around rat poison – which you are sure to remove before your dog goes outside – but what about the dead rat that ate the poison and is lying under the bush with the low branches?

Depending on your dog’s breed, this rat might become a tasty snack and a ticket to the vet.

Do Not Use Medicines Made for Humans

Well meaning friends or relatives who notice that your dog is limping a bit might decide to give it some medicines made for humans – not realizing that they just poisoned your pet.

Unless veterinary assistance is sought out immediately, there is a good chance that the animal will perish.

Severe Danger of Skin Irritation

Severe danger of skin irritation awaits the dog that is sprayed by their owner with a household air freshener or some such spray.

Perhaps company is on its way and since the dog smells a bit, well, gamey, the owner might try to lighten things up a bit with a scented spray.

Unfortunately, this will most likely lead to skin irritation, the risk of patchy baldness, and in the best case scenario a dog that smells oddly of dog and fake flowers.

Have Your Dog Vaccinated

Not having your dog vaccinated is a premier method of endangering it. Danger might come from a roaming bat or an infected animal that is just passing through.

Even if there has not been a reported case of rabies in your area for more than two decades, do not let your dog be the one to break that record!

Dangers of Chicken Bones

Chicken bones are a danger that is much like the unknown stick or log which splinters and injures the muzzle.

Except with chicken bones, the dog might swallow some of the splinters which are now also causing internal bleeding and – you guessed it – a hefty vet bill.


Failure to use sunscreen on your dog sets it up for painful burns. It is not often considered that animals might suffer from sunburn but if you can see the dog’s skin, the odds are the sun can as well.

Use baby rated sun block and whenever possible keep the animal out of the direct sun.


Remember that while dogs and swimming seem to go hand in hand, there are dogs that do not automatically start to paddle when in contact with the waves. Dogs have been known to drown!