How to Be a Good Dog Owner

Owning a dog can be a very rewarding experience, but it is something that just doesn’t happen, it takes effort and intention to be a good dog owner. There are things that good owners do that can help to make the relationship between dog and owner become a beneficial one for both of them.

A good dog owner intentionally takes good care of his dog and takes his dog responsibilities seriously. The responsibilities of a good dog owner involve: caring for the dog, being financially responsible for the dog and protecting the dog.

Caring for the Dog

A good owner cares for his dog by taking physical, mental and emotional care of his dog. A dog needs some basic physical needs in order to be cared for properly. Physical needs of a dog are to be fed nutritious food, and to be given clean fresh water on a daily basis.

Caring for your dog also involves spending time with and bonding with your dog. All dogs crave companionship as they are naturally pack creatures and so are social by nature.

It also includes giving your dog the proper amount of exercise for the breed of dog that you have. Not all dog breeds require the same amount of exercise. Small and toy dogs require very little exercise such as short walks and indoor playtime.

Larger dogs and the more energetic dogs require up to 2 hours worth of rigorous exercise a day which might include long walks, running or jogging, swimming, hiking and playing with a ball or Frisbee.

Being Financially Responsible

The financial responsibilities involved in being a good dog owner include making sure that you can afford to feed, water, and shelter your dog. A dog requires supplies such as dishes, leashes, and other miscellaneous needs.

Depending on breed, clothing may be required if you have a small dog prone to becoming cold when the air conditioning units are on in the summer and when walking in the cold weather months outside.

Puppies and young dogs require lots of chew toys, balls and Frisbees so they do not become bored. Puppies require regular vet visits for their puppy check-ups, de-worming and shots.

Some dog owners chose to take out pet insurance to help with the financial responsibilities of healthcare for their dogs.

Protecting the Dog

A dog needs to be protected in many ways and a good dog owner will anticipate the dog’s need for protection and make arrangements before the protection is needed to be sure his dog is safe.

Parasites like fleas and ticks can cause irritation and illness if the dog is not properly protected from them. In order to protect your dog against parasites the owner must treat the outside of the home with anti-parasite sprays that can be purchased from the vets office, or pet stores and even large department stores or online stores.

There are aerosol cans that can be purchased and sprayed inside the home to also protect areas where the dog lies down. There are also products that can be placed on the dog’s back to protect the dog for a month at a time against fleas and ticks.

Dogs need to be protected against heartworms by having a heartworm blood test and heartworm prevention tablets given to the dog to prevent the dog from getting heartworms, which can be fatal.

The dog also needs to be protected when outside or in public places by being placed on a sturdy leash and collar. These items protect the dog from traffic and from getting lost. Microchip protection can be placed under the skin of the dog by a vet so in case the dog does get lost, it can be returned to the rightful owner.

Regular vet visits can protect the health of your dog by catching disease in the early stage when it is more easily treated and when the prognosis is better.

Protecting the dog also requires that the dog owner becomes educated in dog behavior, and in learning how to train, and provide for the dogs needs based on the breed of dog.

Each dog will have a different personality and different sensitivities that getting to know the dog will allow the good dog owner to understand, anticipate and gladly accommodate.

Good dog owners are rewarded by years of loyal companionship from a dog that is well cared protected and loved.