Discover the Companion Dogs That Are Perfect for Kids

Attempt to find a child who does not want a dog! The odds are good that there is not a kid in this world who is not dreaming of having their very own canine companion.  This only goes to show that children and dogs are meant to be together like the quintessential peanut butter and jelly.

Countless parents have been on the receiving end of the “can we keep him” line when junior would come home with a stray that apparently had followed the child home.  Cautious parents know that there are some dog breeds which generally do not do so well with children – most notably Beagles and also Rottweilers.

While others appear to be almost made and bred for being companions with children who might tuck the tail and bump into the animal during feeding time.  Known for their even tempers, good nature, and overall willingness to play, play and then play some more, these breeds are considered companion dogs perfect for kids.

Golden Retrievers

The breed most commonly associated with being a fit companion for children of any age is the Golden Retriever.   Known to be calm rather than easily excitable, always willing to get up and go outside with the children, and very patient, even when small hands are trying to brush, comb, and attach bows to the animal’s fur.

It is noteworthy that not even small children appear to fear these golden giants, and while they are not exactly small canines, they are not overly big either, thus truly representing the best of both worlds.

Miniature Schnauzers

Children who might be living in an apartment but still want the benefit of having a companion canine to call their own, a Miniature Schnauzer fits the bill.  Agile but not frantic, happy in an apartment without a yard or a house with a big backyard, willing to play fetch in the living room but not big and rambunctious enough to cause any damage.

This breed adapts easily to your living conditions and is perfectly happy to while the time away in sleep when the kids are away at school or doing their homework.  Since the animal is smaller, it is perfect of a parent somewhat apprehensive about welcoming a larger dog into the home.

Jack Russell Terriers

If you kids are rambunctious, vivacious, and cannot sit still, a companion dog must be up to par and ready to run at a moment’s notice.  Highly energetic and always ready for play and mischief, the Jack Russell Terrier combines intelligence with good natured playfulness.

Although needing more exercise than some other small dogs, this breed is still small enough to be a good companion even in an apartment.  Since they are highly trainable, you will find that the animal not only excels in learning how to behave, but will also eagerly learns some tricks while playing.

Older children will love this aspect of pet ownership and parents enjoy the idea that the canine companion is flexible enough to go from playful to sleepily resting when it is time for homework.