West Highland Terriers – White Balls of Pure Energy

Westie puppies make look cute but when they grow up, they aren’t going to be your lapdog that’s for sure; these dogs are quite stubborn and tough, despite their fairly small stature.

Westies grow to be about 15 – 20 pounds, but they are very strong for their size.  A good analogy would be a small lake fish that you haul up with your fishing rod, when you get them into the boat or onto the dock you will look at them and say to yourself, kind of small, but really strong, that one.  That is the kind of strength a Westie has.

The proper name for these dogs is the West Highland Terrier, and they get that name from being originally born and bred in the western highland country of Scotland, in particular in the Argyll region, for those of you who are familiar with it, if not, envision a rocky, raw, tough country; it has produced a small, but sturdy breed of dog.

People tend to gravitate towards dogs and puppies who are like themselves, so if you’re feisty and have a lot of tenacity then this breed could be a great match for you, that tends to just be the way the world works.  If you’re laid back or want a little dog to pet and cuddle with, look for another type of dog please, this one isn’t for you.

A lot of dogs will tend to be born with a lot of different colors, well, not the Westie, these dogs are white through and through, likely due to many generations of strict interbreeding;  when different breeds are mixed the offspring tend to start to have mixed colors.

People sometimes confuse Scotties puppies with Westie puppies, and although these are both dog breeds that originated in Scotland, they are two distinct breeds.  They look a bit similar, however Westies are always white in color and Scotties can be different colors and shades.

These dogs do have a double coat which is particularly rough and they do shed a good bit which means that you will have to groom them quite often, that is just one of the duties that a Westie owner will have to attend to, no biggie, just realize that they need a little more grooming than some other short haired breeds.

West Highland Terriers were originally used to hunt down all kinds of vermin, vermin which would prey on the herds or the fields of produce.  This was their main task, and while they may be used occasionally for this purpose today in the country, they are mostly pets nowadays.

Westie puppies like to sleep a lot, roughly 13 hours per day, and will often take several naps during the day as well as sleeping through the night.  They require at least one daily walk and should begin house training at around 8 – 12 weeks of age.  Be prepared for white streaks of energy early in the morning.