The Toy Poodle Puppy – Every Little Girl’s Favorite Pooch

The toy Poodle puppy is just about every girl’s favorite puppy.  Why?  Well, you’ve got to factor in the adorableness for one, and then they are also extremely animated and fun.

What more do you want?  If you’ve got a special little girl in your life, then a toy Poodle is the perfect choice for a dog.

A lot of folks don’t know this but Poodles actually come in a wide variety of sizes from toy, to miniature, to medium, to standard.  The medium size is not recognized by many of the notable Kennel Clubs; however, it is recognized by others.

The toy Poodle is the smallest version of the Poodle and it’s very possibly the most popular, it’s almost become the way most folks envision Poodles these days even though the larger ones do exist.

It has something to do with myths about this breed being small and delicate and the fact that smaller Poodles are being bred more because of their popularity.

Even though Poodles are great show dogs, this does not necessarily mean that they are complete push-overs.

Poodles are actually German in origin, even though most people believe that they are French, it’s a very common misconception.  The breed was imported from Germany to France and then standardized by some famous breeders there making is seem as if it were a breed native to France, but that is just not the case.

Many people will name their Poodles French names, but now you know better, and perhaps you’ll choose a German one for yours?

Your little girl will probably want a girl Poodle with a girl name, how about a name with some noble character and pop culture relevance?  Princess Heidi, maybe?  Not too bad, you can probably do better.

These dogs are no different than others with regards to their training and care, although they are extremely smart so the training will actually be easier than with some other dogs.  Start the puppy’s training at around eight weeks if possible as you don’t want the dog to get too old lest they get stuck in their ways.

A toy Poodle puppy is fairly expensive and it’s suggested that people only go through reputable breeders, and the reason is not only to protect yourself from puppy farms but also so that you can get the puppy’s genetic history.

Toy sized dogs have a history of health problems, unless they are bred properly.  You want your little angel to have her little angel for as long as possible.