English Bulldog Puppies – They Look Mean, But Just…Misunderstood

Some folks might think a littler of English Bulldog puppies looks quite cute, but others will think otherwise.

With their wrinkly faces, short noses, and compact bodies they aren’t considered beautiful by everyone, in fact, some people think they look…a bit mean, dangerous even.

But, that couldn’t be further from the truth, especially these days, Bulldogs are truly little angels.  It’s hard to believe that the forefathers of the Bulldog were involved in fierce sports like bull baiting and out and out dog fighting.

Several hundreds of years ago, the English Bulldog was an aggressive animal, but the aggressiveness has been bred out of them over the years so that they are now perfect household pets, it’s pretty amazing what a few generations of breeding can do.

There is really no such thing as a proper miniature Bulldog, for those of you who are curious.  There are just smaller Bulldogs; however, they are considered the same type of breed.  Also, for the newcomer, it may be of interest to take note that there are several distinct types of Bulldog – the English, the American, and the French.

Of course, it’s difficult for anyone but a master breeder to tell the difference, in many cases.

The great thing about the English Bulldog, and it’s French and American counterparts is that they don’t need much exercise, and they are perfectly at home and calm in a small environment, a smaller apartment for instance, good news for the urban dweller.  They are a very good city dog.

They are extremely docile (hard to believe by looking at their fierce faces, but true), great around children, and are easy to care for and train.  But, don’t expect this dog to be a rocket scientist, they are known for being a bit on the slower side, so they aren’t the kind of dog who’s going to do amazing tricks or be able to run an Agility course.

But, as was mentioned they are good in tight spaces and are calm, and, some (many?) people find them cute – that is enough to make them a very popular breed, well that, and media — there aren’t many other breeds that get so much attention in the media.

You can try to find an adult Bulldog to adopt at the local rescue shelter, if you’re willing to adopt an adult, or you can attempt to find a good local breeder.  It’s best to go with a good breeder for a few reasons.  Yes, they are a little more expensive, but it’s worth it because the dog will be well breed, meaning less health problems and a longer life.

Try to network with other Bulldog owners if you’re looking at English Bulldog puppies as these folks will be knowledgeable and a few steps ahead of you, so they can show you the ropes.  You’d be surprised at how willing people are to help.