Miniature Shar Pei Puppies – One of the Rarest Breeds in the World

Miniature Shar Pei puppies can be found, but it’s not such an easy task, these are some of the most expensive and rare puppies in the world.  Why is that?

Well, because they were almost eradicated as a breed just a couple of generations ago.  Many people don’t realize this but under Chairman Mao the Shar Pei was almost wiped out in its homeland of China.

And it’s simple supply and demand, there aren’t many left so the price goes way up; it may not stay that way forever as certain breeders bring the numbers back up slowly, but for now these pups are among the most expensive in the world.

These blue tongued (blue and black really) dogs have an amazing history and have been used for many various purposes over the centuries.  Probably their main task over the years has been for herding and as guard dogs, especially in southern China and particularly in Guangdong province, from which they originated.

But, they were not only herders or guards back in the day they were also extremely prized fighting dogs, their main duty was to entertain the nobility, in some ways they can be likened to the Pitbulls of today’s modern American culture.

They are also one of only for breeds of dog which are thought of as the “original breeds”, breeds which are one step away, genetically, from the wolf.  Other breeds in this category would be the Akita, and the Chow Chow, all ancient breeds of dog.

Although they come in many colors, such, as cream, sand, black, fawn, blue, and even red, they will almost always have a so called black mask on their muzzle, this being their trademark.

A standard Shar Pei is a fairly big medium sized dog, with an average weight of around 40 – 65 pounds, miniature Shar Peis are however quite a bit smaller with average weights from about 20 to about 40 pounds.

One of the nice things about these dogs is that they do not shed, which is great for anyone who has allergies, and clean up and grooming time obviously goes way down as well.

As far as prices go these miniature Shar Pei puppies can get into the thousands of dollars. If you’re into miniatures and you don’t want to spend quite that much then perhaps a miniature Bulldog or miniature Boxer might be more your style, these are both great dogs.

If you do have your heart set on a Shar Pei mini puppy you might be able to buy one a little cheaper if they are a little older and were not quite the pick of the litter.

Even though these dogs can be considered fighting dogs they are not an overly aggressive breed if brought up reasonably.