Scottish Terrier Puppies – Small, But Feisty

Scottish Terrier puppies can definitely grow into a good house dogs, or pets, but we have to be aware of a few precautions with this particular breed; it’s not that they’re overly aggressive towards people, nope, nothing like that, but they do have a tendency to “chase” and to “bark”.

There’s nothing worse than buying a dog that’s not meant for your environment.  You may love the look of the Scottish Terrier, they are a great looking small dog with a lot of character, but they are not without their drawbacks.

First of all, they tend to bark, so if you have sensitive neighbors you could be getting yourself into hot water.  These are probably not the best apartment dogs, if you have your own home and a yard that would be much better for everyone’s sake.

In addition to being a bit “yappy”, as some folks might say, they also have an extremely high prey drive, which translated into English means they like to chase vermin.  If you don’t train your dog from a very young age properly and you don’t use a leash properly it’s likely that they will simply take off at the faintest whiff of the nearest squirrel or bunny rabbit.

And, that can cause problems, like the dog being hit by a car or running off and getting lost, and eventually not finding its way home.  So remember, this can be a good pet, but you really must take some precautions.

Scottish Terriers have a well worn nickname, “Scotties”, and have been a rather popular breed with U.S. Presidents, Franklin Roosevelt and George W. Bush both owned one of these dogs while they stayed in the White House.

Despite their feistiness, tendency to want to chase small animals, and territorial nature these dogs are very intelligent and do make prize winning show dogs.  They also have a somewhat independent nature; these are no lapdogs, despite the fact that they weigh only about 19 – 22 pounds.

Being that these dogs are originally from the Scottish Highlands some good names for such a dog might have something to do with Scottish history.   Here are a few examples to get the old creative juices flowing, perhaps ‘Nessie’, after the infamous Lockness monster, or maybe ‘Fionn’ the famous warrior poet of Scotland.

Scottish Terriers are good watch dogs, if you happen to need one, and they live a long, natural life span of around 12 years approximately; their top coat is very wiry and needs to be trimmed and groomed fairly often.

When looking for reliable information about Scottish Terrier puppies for sale it’s best to network with owners of these animals in your local area, perhaps you can meet some online, or find other ways to network, a neighborhood perhaps.

Buying from good breeders ensures a healthy puppy with much less health issues and a proper pedigree.