Greyhound Puppies – Speedy Sighthounds That Make Great Pets

Greyhound puppies are dogs that will grow to be wonderful pets, which is a lesser known fact in the dog world, most people see these dogs are merely racing animals, but that’s just not true at all.

And the only potential drawback to owning a Greyhound is that they are born runners, there is something inside of them that makes them want to run and a dog’s owner must be willing to provide that outlet.

But don’t worry , it’s not as difficult as it might seem because they truly don’t need excessive amounts of exercise they just need to get out and “open it up” every now and again.  If they don’t get that outlet they can get a little irritable and even somewhat depressed; it only makes sense; if you’re good at something then doing it just makes you happy, right?

Keep this in mind, if you’re considering buying a Greyhound and keeping it as your household dog.

As you would imagine they do well with a little bit more space than the average dog, so a cramped city apartment probably isn’t their ideal environment.

The Greyhound belongs to a family of dogs called the sighthounds, these are dogs which are great hunters and that hunt primarily by speed and sight rather than by smell.

Needless to say these dogs are fast, with the fastest speed ever on record being clocked at about 84 mph, of course the typical speed is much slower, being closer to around 45 – 50 mph – which, even though it seems much slower, is around three times as fast as you will ever be.

Whippets and Italian Greyhounds are two smaller breeds of dog that will make a great pet for people who don’t want a dog quite so large a true Greyhound.  Greyhounds are fairly large dogs, averaging around 60 – 90 pounds, whereas Italian Greyhounds can be considered “minis” because they average only around 15 pounds.

Whippets, which are a blend of Greyhounds and several other breeds, weigh closer to 20 – 25 pounds, so there are a wide variety of choices out there within this breed.

Greyhounds, believe it or not, actually make pretty good guard dogs because they tend to bark at unusual sounds that go bump in the night.  However for the most part they are very quiet and gentle dogs.

As far as colors go they will come in a wide variety, the following are a few noted colors: white, fawn, blue, red, black, and brindle.

An adoption of a Greyhound is a great idea and you may be able to find one at your local rescue, it’s definitely worth a phone call or two.

However, many folks want to look into buying only Greyhound puppies, another excellent choice, just be certain to only deal with very reputable and well-known breeders.

If you think you’ll like a gentle, speedy dog then this may be the exact breed that you’ve been searching for just let them run from time to time.