Irish Setter Puppies – Perfect Household Pet?

Irish Setters are notably of a very non-aggressive temperament, making buying Irish Setter puppies a very intelligent purchase for today’s modern family.

Though at one time these wonderful dogs were bred to work alongside their masters as they hunted, not sit around and play all day.

An aggressive breed would probably never make a good hunting dog, a good hunting dog needs to be agile, intelligent, and most of all willing and able to be ultra loyal and eager to please their masters.  The Irish Setter is just such a dog.

So much so that in the early part of American history these dogs were thought of as being vitally important to many a settler’s very survival, back when putting meat on the table wasn’t as easy as getting in your car and rushing over to the grocery store; these noble dogs were highly skilled and made sure a man could put more meat on his family’s table at night.

From flushing game to locating it and pointing directly at its fallen body, the Irish Setter was perhaps the favored American hunting dog of its day.

They can be generally reddish in color, and perhaps more so back in the 19th century, they were often referred to as Red Setters.  These days their coats are more of a silky brownish color; they have an undercoat which keeps them warm in the winter and a longish outer coat which is effective in keeping cold water at bay.

They tend to get along with just about everybody, which makes them a very desirable pet.  But, they can be a tad rambunctious with small children because they like to play, so be forewarned of that, and keep a good eye out if you have little ones about.

Irish Setters are fairly large dogs (60 – 70 pounds) too, not as large as the Irish Wolfhound but quite a bit larger than the Irish Terrier, two other notable breeds from the land of Eire.

They are very agile for their size which makes them good candidates for Agility sports, Flyball, and good old fashioned Frisbee tossing, if you’re in the mood.  And they are also very obedient, which makes them good show dogs as well, they really are a very versatile breed.  The only thing they may not be well suited to be would be a guard dog.

When looking for Irish Setter puppies for sale there are a number of ways to go about finding a good pup, but the best way is to attempt a little networking with other Setter owners, you can do so online or in the neighborhood in which you live.

These folks will often be able to tip you off, please look for good breeders and never contribute to puppy farming even inadvertently, be slightly cautious and ask a few questions and you’ll be just fine.  And you’ll have a fine addition to the family in no time at all.