Jack Russell Terrier Puppies – With Training a Good Family Dog

With proper training Jack Russell Terrier puppies can grow into wonderful family dogs, however, when not properly trained from a young age they may pick up some bad habits that they never get rid of.

So, it’s important to choose the right puppy early and train them from a young age, especially if you have small children.

If you have older children, and ones that aren’t going to try to ride the dog like it’s a horse around the living room then you may be able to adopt an older puppy.  You have to be the judge of the dog and of your family.

Be aware that these dogs are somewhat aggressive and don’t take a lot of guff, remember these dogs were bred to run into fox holes with gusto and chase them out.  And while the fox may look small and cute too, it’s quite a fierce, wild animal when cornered.

These puppies are super high energy so be forewarned of that fact as well.  If you’re not a high energy type of person then the personality of this breed may rub you the wrong way.  There are plenty of breeds of dogs out there, so simply make an honest assessment of yourself and your family when thinking about what kind of puppy to get.

No sense in getting a dog that you’re not going to mesh with.  Don’t base your decision plainly on the looks of a puppy, do your research and give the puppy you do end up getting the best home possible.

Terriers do tend to shed a bit, and they can cause allergies in some people, if you have a person in your home that is allergic to dogs then this breed is probably not the right one for you either.  Because of their rough coat they do need to be groomed quite a bit, and many owners and breeders see hand stripping as the best method.

If hand stripping doesn’t sound like something you want to deal with on a fairly regular basis, then perhaps you’ll want to purchase a Beagle Terrier mix, they are a shorter haired dog and need less grooming.

Jack Russell’s have an interesting history, they were originally bred to be a part of grand fox hunts during Victorian times.  Of course, before fox hunting was made popular by the British aristocracy the breed was likely used to hunt small vermin and keep critters from stealing eggs, eating the lettuce, or even attacking the herds.

That’s why these guys can be aggressive at times, but again, if you leave them be they should be just fine.  They are not a lapdog, remember that, they like attention, but they do not want to be protected or brooded over.

Jack Russell Terrier puppies can definitely be a good family dog, you just have to make the right assessment and the right call from your particular family and home environment.