The Labradoodle Puppy – Energetic Hybrid Dog

What’s a Labradoodle?  Well, for those of you who don’t know, it’s really quite simple, it’s a cross bred dog, a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle, and it’s become quite a popular breed of dog.

Finding a Labradoodle puppy will probably be easiest if you’re in Australia where the breed was first created, although you can find them in Europe, Canada, and America as well.

So, what makes the Labradoodle special and why was it bred?  For one thing this breed is very, very new to this planet we like to call earth, it was first officially introduced to the public in 1988.  Pretty crazy, right?

This dog was bred to create a breed of dog that is hypoallergenic and easily trainable so that people with disabilities and allergies would have the perfect dog, a noble goal indeed, and it worked.

Because of this dog’s Labrador blood the breed is much more laid back and trainable, and the Poodle blood creates a breed that doesn’t shed much.

But don’t me mistaken, it’s not that the Poodle isn’t an intelligent animal, not at all, but they do tend to be a bit more difficult and standoffish in temperament, Labs are a lot more friendly and attentive to humans, in general.

Are there other breeds which have been created like this in recent history?  Yes, indeed there have been, one example is the Cockapoo, which a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.

Because of the access to breeds from around the world nowadays breeders are able to come up with new variations or breeds and introduce them to the world, fascinating subject really.

Folks might wonder if there are miniature versions of this particular breed, and the answer is – nope.  These are a medium sized dog, but will range pretty widely in weight, perhaps that is why some people think that there are minis; the average weight of these dogs is from 25 to 75 pounds.

Training these dogs is much easier than with a lot of other breeds; as has been noted, Poodles and Labs are two of the most intelligent breeds of dog in world.  And on top of that Labradors love completing tasks and pleasing their masters, they are a highly interactive and loyal breed.

These dogs need a lot of exercise and are very energetic in nature, so we recommend that folks looking at puppies take this into consideration, as you will need to get them outside quite a bit and they do better in a home with a larger yard.

Labradoodle’s come in a wide variety of colors – black, brown, cream, silver, apricot, and so on.  Unfortunately they tend to suffer from the following degenerative diseases – hip dysplasia, retinol atrophy, and hypothyroidism.

Nevertheless getting a Labradoodle puppy is a wonderful experience and they are a great family dog or dog for someone with special needs, of course.