Why You Need to Keep Your Dog Free From Fleas

If you’ve a dog then you will know all too well just how difficult it can be to keep your dog free from fleas. Fleas are really annoying miniature, wingless bugs, that are a brown color and extract blood from your dog whenever they’re permitted to bite them.

Your dog reacts to fleas biting by scratching. This scratching could cause an infection in some dogs that are sensitive to flea bites. Humans can be also bitten by fleas therefore eliminating fleas is definitely something that will benefit every member of the household.

Fleas along with their larvae like to reside in hot climates. They are able to reside in our homes well after the hot weather seasons have ended. To check and see if your pet has fleas brush their coat with a flea comb.

If brushing their coat confirms that they have these bugs then your veterinarian may be able to recommend products to clear these bugs from your pet and from your home as well.

Don’t forget to check and if necessary treat your pets sleeping / playing areas. It’s a good idea to utilize a flea preventive so that the fleas don’t return after you have cleared your pet and your home of fleas.

There is a wide range of commercial flea products available on the market today to select from and your veterinarian should be able to recommend suitable products to fit your circumstances.

Pet owners that do not want to use commercial flea products do have some other options including placing petroleum jelly on a flea comb and brushing your dogs coat on a frequent basis.

Alcohol can also be rubbed on to the comb which will slow down the fleas and make it more straightforward capturing them with a comb.

Garlic and Brewers Yeast could be can be included with any supplements that are consumed by your pet, but this process hasn’t been tested clinically to be advantageous as of yet.

Natural Flea Remedies Highly Recommended by Pet Owners

After washing your pet, place some lemon juice on them; it’s a 100% natural flea killer. Rub the lemon juice along the center of your dog’s back. It is recommended to bathe your dog at least every 4 or 5 months.

Another remedy tip from pet owners for washing your dog is to clean your dogs with a little Dawn dishwashing detergent to destroy these bugs.

The next tip that many pet owners swear by is to give you pet a very intense wash and whichever type or brand of pet shampoo you use will kill the fleas. Just lather up and then allow the shampoo to remain for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing off with clean water and the fleas should die.

Be careful of over-the-counter products as a large number of these include pyrethrins, which are organic pesticides that could make your dog ill from potential side effects. Make sure that you closely follow the instructions printed on the label whenever you are utilizing any flea products. If you have issues, concerns or require further information consult with your veterinarian.

Some of the more popular flea treatment products available from veterinarians include Sentinel by Novartis, Frontline Plus, Program and Capstar by Novartis.

Regardless of how you choose to keep your dog free from the fleas, make sure that you check your dog on a frequent basis to ensure they are free from fleas. This will also help you ensure that your home is free from a possible infestation of fleas. It will be quite expensive and hard work clearing a flea infestation from your home.