Choosing The Right Puppy Bowl

Choosing the right puppy bowl seems like an easy task when you first consider it, however as we approach the subject with a critical eye towards our own dog we start to put a little more thought into it, this is, after all, our dog and we want to make them happy.

Puppies grow like weeds, they are highly energetic, they eat our socks, they knock over everything and are generally little terrors, that’s just the nature of puppies, so, the number rule when selecting your puppy bowl is to go for absolute indestructibility.

You don’t want to be spending more afternoons at the pet store than you have to; you want to spend your hours hanging with your little buddy at the park or the beach.

The second rule it to go for originality and match your puppy’s bowl to their own unique personality.  Your dog is unique and they need a bowl of their very own.  Heck, you could even decorate it and paint it yourself after you buy it, sure that’s a grand idea, just remember to use safe, non-toxic paints of course.

Choose your colors wisely and well, if you have a little “princess” the color blue just won’t do, and if you have a boy then the color pink will truly raise a stink.

Of course you will probably buy a bowl with the basic color and then add on the finishing touches such as they’re name, perhaps their own personal logo, who knows, it’s your puppy and your bowl, the sky is the limit.

Bowls for dogs will come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.  We like the standard circle, and for a puppy you’ll want something a little smaller until they can graduate to a bigger bowl.  We don’t want them falling into the bowl and not being able to climb out, hey, with a teacup that’s possible.

Of course, there are special bowls for multiple puppies in a litter, they are long and wide with little raised portions for each pup, if you’re taking care of a brood then this type of bowl is what you’re looking for, otherwise they will all try to edge each other out and brawl over the food, kids will be kids, and puppies will be puppies.

Always train your puppy to eat out of their bowl and from nowhere else, even though this is easier said than done.

We know, it’s difficult to look into those puppy eyes and not want to toss them a Frito or a piece of candy, but this can make them really sick, its’ in your best interest to feed them what their body can process.

Puppy food is for puppies, and people food is for people, your grandma was right about that.